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    ICT Solution – ICT Services
    Simple Solution – High Performance

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What we delivering the BSM skills worldwide ?

IT Networking
Hardware & software for monitoring, diagnostics, analysis, reporting, & application performance management across LANs, WANs, & wireless networks.

Monitor Network performance
Network performance issues?   Monitor & manage your network with unified visibility into fault, performance, availability, traffic, & configurations.

Datacom Cabling
Network Infrastructure installation, testing, certification & troubleshooting tools.

Field test & installation tools, systems & operational support systems for deploying, maintaining & optimizing telecom networks.


Network management

  • Network Performance Monitor
  • Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack
  • Network Troubleshooting Bundle
  • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
  • Network Configuration Manager
  • IP Control Bundle
  • IP Address Manager & User Device Tracker
  • VoIP & Network Quality Manager
  • Fault management—Monitor the device; detect and fix faults.
  • Configuration management—Configure device attributes.
  • Accounting management—Collect statistics for accounting purposes.
  • Performance management—Monitor and adjust device performance.
  • Security management—Control device access and authenticate users.
  • Log & Event Manager

System Management

  • Server & Application Monitor
  • Virtualization Manager
  • Integration of servers, storage, and network assets (Virtualisation)
  • Storage Resource Monitor
  • Web Performance Monitor
  • Application Stack Management Bundle
  • Network & Server Monitoring Software
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Monitoring Storage Management
  • Auto-discovery And Asset Management
  • Maintenance and service, upgrades, replacements and security
  • Automated backup and restore, to backup up systems data in a central data repository
  • Service desk problem management, which provides an automated process to generate and track trouble tickets and resolve problems
  • Real-time monitoring, fault handling, alert notification and call home
  • SNMP, SYSLOG, Event Manager and Email Forwarding


  • Security Information & Event Management
  • Patch Manager
  • Firewall Security Manager
  • Secure Managed File Transfer Server
  • Active Directory Auditing
  • Log Management & SIEM
  • Firewall Configuration & Log Management
  • Network Behavior Anomaly Detection
  • Incident Management (restoring a service that broke)
  • Problem Management (identifying the cause of an incident)
  • Change Management (assessing and scheduling technology changes)
  • Security Advisories
  • Security Alert
  • Operational Control, Continuity & Audit
  • Intrusion detection / data leakage prevention systems.

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