Smart Traffic Management

The Cutting-edge “VINAFORE Deep Machine Learning” technologies can fulfilled the

smart cities most diversified “Smart Traffic System” today

The main benefits of Smart Traffic Management system

  1. PPP, BOT even owned by government models can be deplorable.
  2. CPRS applications to trigger the ticket/fine system
  3. Smart automatic counting management and correlated with healthy control
  4. More “Humantic” analysis to trigger and correlated with centralized-control lighting system.
  5. VINAFORE “Smart Car Plate Recognized System” integrated with Traffic Management system,

If upgrading and integrating all the signals on the main roads in the cities:

A. Reduce everyday congestion significantly, by smoothing traffic flows and prioritized traffic lighting in response of demand in real time.

B. More civilized polite pedestrian access is preferred.

C. Fasten seat belt as a good habit to reduce the accident

D. Significant reduced the over speed.

E. More intuits big data and information for city traffic management, reduce the traffic incidents.

F. Correct Vehicle Flow up to 90%.

G. Optimize the best Traffic Light time sec. in each intersection.

H. Provide Traffic Strategies to solve problem.